Monday, 23 July 2012

Offshore & Decomission - July MW3 Maps & Updates

Took some time off Diablo 3 to download the new maps and spent a few hours playing on them.  So here are my thoughts on them.

Offshore - This map has lots of paths to get around.  Although physically the map may not be big, it feels bigger because of this.  Lots of elevation changes as well.  It was hard to get a feel for the flow of the map as it was new to everyone.  But lots of good areas for some intense fire fights.   Although I didn't get to play capture the flag on this map, I imagine it to be quite interesting given all the alternate routes, and their associated cut off points.

Decommission - This map doesn't have as many paths as Offshore, it feels a bit more open compared to Offshore, but there are some interesting spots you can jump to so you can cover the few paths that go around the map.  Except, in those spots you are quite exposed.  So far I noticed a lot of action along the middle section of the map, as everyone tends to gravitate towards the meat shop. 

I also got to spend some time playing Domination in the face-off mode.  The maps do offer quite a bit of action, and with smaller teams, it makes it more important to have a good partner.  But at the same time, I still noticed the spawn points and system in general to still be broken in the face off mode.  Too many times I would spawn really close to where I just died, and being on the receiving end of that is somewhat frustrating.

Terminal gets its second life, this was one of my team's favorite MW2 map.  So we ended up dominating the map like we never left.  There were minor cosmetic changes done in the transition from MW2 to MW3, like the plants are slightly different, and the shops have changed in what they are selling.  This was one of the maps I wish they release with a slight change, like some sort of back path from the outside tarmac to a lower baggage section under the terminal map.  Maybe for MW4...

Either way though, Diablo 3 has me hooked (more on Diablo 3 in my next post), so I haven't been playing COD as much as I normally have or would like to.

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