Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Create a Class 2.0 - Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Rumour

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On June 6th, several members of the media were granted access to Black Ops 2′s brand new multiplayer are were kept under a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and were not allowed to discuss anything they saw. Appearently 2 people didn’t get the memo.. You remember a couple days ago when a member of IGN posted 2 photos (new MP H.U.D. and player list) over Instagram which were removed a few minutes later..
Now according to MP1st, a member from Shacknews, Garnet Lee (who was invited to the MP play session), uploaded a podcast which REVEALED massive changes made to Black Op 2 multiplayer. The podcast has now been edited and re-uploaded and all the details have been removed.
Create-A-Class 3.0:
-10 point allocation system replaces primary/secondary/grenades slot system Guns, attachments, equipment, perks take up allocation points.
*ex.) you could have 2 primary weapons which would use most of your points and only have 1 perk.
-Taken out “slot system”.
-Option to start with no weapons, load up on perks and equipment.
-You start out with 10 choices/options per class.
-New wager match variations.
-New “Friend/Foe identifier” attachment.
David Vonderhaar once said in a behind the scenes video, “create a class is sweet.. choose what’s the most important things to you, and forget about the things that are not important…This will open up doors for playstyles you have not seen. It’s going to be fantastic.”
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Well, this is quite an interesting concept, It would definitely change things up completely, while still allowing for the "classic" setups, and open up the possibilities for lots of new combinations.  I can see myself picking only a primary weapon, and loading up on equipment, or perks.  Can't wait to hear more in August.

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