Monday, 11 June 2012

A Response to Diablo III Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview

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1. Bridging the item gap between Inferno and Hell.

I like this change and agree with the change.  I don't need top end stuff to get past Act 1 of Inferno, but I do need to be able to get better stuff to just simply survive.  I've basically stopped playing with my level 60 Barbarian because of the jump in difficulty that does not line up with the gear that I currently have equipped, and found in Act 4 of Hell & on the whim level.

2. Legendary Items remain the same.

Sure, ok.  I'm not too concerned about this right now, I just need the help to get through deeper into Inferno to get the better drops.

3. The Nephalem Difference.

I agree with this change, in regards to the guaranteed rare drop with elite packs.  Most of the time, they are harder than a boss at the end of an Act/Quest.  It'll definitely keep people from trying to farm bosses, but I don't think it'll change that much given how some combination of attributes on the Elites really make them impossible to get through.

4. The Group Thing

I totally agree with this.  I would've been ok with a small increase instead of what it is right now, since even playing solo, I can get one shotted by an elite, it made no sense to bump the damage they deal when more players are in the game.  If anything, just add more enemy groups, which they do somewhat already, but maybe make it more apparent. 

5. Upping the repair costs at level 60.

This I am unsure about, at least in the way its proposed at 4-10x the cost.  Maybe 2-5x the cost should be tried out at first.  I feel that way because going from 1x to 4x is quite a jump from level 59 to 60 items, especially when they aren't items that are great.  But I can see why they are going in this direction.  But at the same time, there are Elite mobs out there that will just be impossible to kill for players who just made it to inferno and are not equipped properly for the difficulty.  Maybe they should break it down further to have the increase for rare and legendary items, and give magical items a slight bump.  That would be a better compromise.

6.  Changes to attack speed.

Having only played a Barbarian to level 60, (just hit 56 with my wizard last night), I feel the way its working right now works well, at least for the barbarian.  But that could also be due to the fact I'm using Frenzy on my left click.  For the wizard, I felt it more when going between a 2-hander with an attack speed rating of 1, back to single hander that was rated at 1.3 or 1.4.  The difference I felt was when I needed to cast a series of spells that were not my signature spell.  So I'm unsure exactly how I feel about things being reduced, as I have rings and an amulet equipped that adds attack speed.

7.  Changes to Jewel Crafting.

This is one thing I do not agree with.  Reducing the gold cost, ok.  But reducing the number of lower end gems to 2 is not something I agree with.  The game has always needed three gems to combine into the next level one, and to me, the gems drop often enough where its a non-issue to wait for a third gem before moving up.  What I would like is maybe a better bump in benefits of having gems, and maybe (if its possible) to have extra bonus effects when you have a certain combination of gems equipped in a socketed item.  I also miss having multiple sockets in weapons and shields.  I liked the old system in Diablo 2 as well, where adding the gem would actually add the elemental attack or defense into the item, instead of how its setup right now where the elemental damage is built into the item.  But that maybe a harder change to make, if not impossible.

I also hope they introduce sapphires and diamonds again, and have diamonds linked to resistances like it used to.  Not sure what the sapphires would do right now, but we definitely need some help with the resistance side of things.  I'll add more later when I think this through a bit more.

Either way, I'm holding onto a lot of gems waiting for this patch, since there's no point in crafting with them.  So I hope this patch comes out ASAP.

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