Thursday, 21 February 2013

Diablo 3 - Coming to Playstation

With the announcement of PS4 last night, we got some interesting news that Diablo 3 will be available for PS4, and also for PS3.  But what does it mean?

Initially, I didn't really think much of it, there are still a lot of details missing that I am more interested in.  Such as, would they have their own realm? or would they mix in with existing PC realms?  How or will there be an Auction House?  How would the control scheme even work?

Well, thanks to this gametrailers video, I at least get a bit of an answer to that last question.  So, there will be 4 player local co-op, and it will not be split screen, instead, the screen will be zoomed out, and you'd be playing it like old school gauntlet, and other action rpg games.  That's kinda cool actually, a different and new way to experience the game.  But how would loot be distributed? Are they going back to shared loot drops and its whoever can make it to the drop first?  Will it be colour coded and bound to each character until it is picked up?

Also, in the video, they touch on the control scheme, where the analog stick is in direct control of the character movement, so that leads me to guess that for skills that are ranged, there will be some sort of targeting system where you can quickly toggle between targets.  Either with the right analog stick, or some other button, like L1.  My guess right now is, the 4 buttons on the controller are to each skill bar, and left click would be on the R2 trigger, and right click would be moved to R1.

They also mention the inclusion of an evasion mechanic, which I assume would be tied to a button, which would be L2 (since its the only button available).  Which is kind of interesting, because, currently on the PC version, there is no such evasion mechanic.  So will it be added in a future patch? and if so, how would it tie in with the current mechanic?  My guess that with higher dexterity, the window to successfully activate this evasion proc is bigger?  Anyways, that's quite interesting development, especially for brawling, which has been confirmed that it will be included in the console version.

I am wondering however, that with the introduction of the new crafted BOA items, is that a hint that the console version will not have an Auction house, and the only way to get good gear is to farm it on your own?  but then again, a diablo game wouldn't be a diablo game if there weren't some way to trade gear between players.

So we will have to wait and see.......

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

CDXLIV's Greatest hits (All the budget guides)

Compilation of all the Educational Monday posts of CDXLIV's livestream. (


50m MP7 Archon Wiz

CM Wiz 2.0

Archon Wiz

60m Transformer Wiz

Monk (original - fall 2012)

SW/Overawe Monk - 1.07 (winter 2013) 

Demon Hunter (updated - winter 2013)

Witch Doctor - March 2013

Witch Doctor