Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MW3 DLC - Liberation & Piazza

I've only played 6v6 domination on these maps so far, and Piazza is a really good map.  Liberation, not so much. 

Liberation is way too big for 6v6, and the spawns are messed up.  There were times where my teammates and I would respawn direcly under an enemy who was sniping on a bridge.  How does that make sense?  For a map of this size, you would figure the spawn points would be varied a lot more, instead, a few of us would spawn at the exact same point one after another.  There is so much wasted space on this map as well, lots of sections on the map that would probably be used in modes like Headquarters or Drop Zone, but thats about it.

Piazza is an interesting map, lots of paths that cross over and under each other, and lots of corners and short walls to hide bouncing betties and the IMS.  Although I wish there were some roof tops to get ontop of as well, or some buildings to cross through, although that may mess with some of the map flow.  Unlike Liberation, a lot of the map is used during gameplay, very little is not traversed when trying to get from one point to another.  I hope more maps are like this in future releases.

A calendar has just been released on the call of duty site, and it looks interesting.  Although, it does kind of suck to only get 1 or 2 maps each month, it will keep things fresh, but at the same time, for someone who plays a lot, they will get a bit bored quicker since there is less "new" material to rotate through on each release.  At the same time I understand why they had to spread things out, as the developers have to ensure that they do not dilute their product by flooding it with extra game modes that are not played as often.  But I do hope there is room to add more DLC/modes beyond what is on the calendar.

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