Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Call of Duty MW3 - 70 days later....

So after 70 days, I'm 7th prestige, level 58, with 1385 wins, and 88 losses.  Kill death ratio of 1.54, 26794 kills and 17454 deaths.

I've put in quite a bit of time into the game, maybe more than I should.  But I've 'powered' through some levels.  Not as quick as some kids who don't have 9-5 jobs.  But its a decent enough pace.  As things settle down, there are quick a few things that need to be fixed and/or added into this game.  Most things were already in the previous title, Black Ops.

First, the in-game scoreboard is so outdated.  Black Ops added columns to show the objectives so you can tell who's actually playing the gametype properly.  Yet, in Modern Warfare 3, they took a step back and show nothing but kills, assists and deaths.  We know the stats are being tracked as shown on Elite, why not show us in game as well?  It would be really nice to see how many confirms and denies I'm getting mid-match, or how many defends and captures in domination.  It definitely helps when you have contests which are based on X amount of captures or X amount of defends. 

Next there's the whole lag compensation.  Its been mentioned that this time around, they (Infinity Ward/Beachhead etc) changed the way the game compensates for lag.  But in my opinion, there was nothing really wrong with how it worked before.  If you had a poor connection, you are the only one that feels the lag.  But now the game slows down everyone else to help those with a poor connection, thus punishing those who are on a better connection (or those who are smart enough to know how to maintain a good connection).  The game now gives those people the advantage, and of course, people smart enough will know how to exploit this by purposely degrading their connection (via. running other internet devices at the same time to eat up bandwith).  As a result, Ground War is unplayable 60% of the time, there is not enough of a problem to cause skipping, but enough that you will not win when its a 1v1 encounter mid match.  There really should be a minimum requirement for network speed, people need to learn about how bandwith actually works. 

Theatre mode.  Why are there so many features missing from this version compared to what was in Black Ops?  A total step backwards. 

Elite playercard page format is not as convenient as the format used in the Black Ops playercard, yet on the xbox app, the details are shown.  There needs to be some consistancy.

Automatically teaming up players who are on your friends list.  Again, another feature that was in the last Call of Duty, somehow did not make it into this game.  Same with the voice codec.  MW3 uses its own crappy codec, and Black Ops used the codec built into the xbox.  The latter sounds 1000x better, and makes the arrows "light up" even if players are in party chat.

An actual punishment for people who dashboard/backout of games.  I'm tired of quitters leaving the game, and there's always a chance that the host leaves and the game crashes, and just like that, everyone in the game gets a loss.  There's gotta be a way to track the buttons being pressed or at least have the system look at the score and give the win to the people on the side thats winning.  Even if its not right away, and it happens later on, I would be happy with it.  I know about 60 of my 'losses' are from the host disconnecting and crashing the game.

I hope these things are the first to be addressed, there are a bunch of other small issues I have with the game, but I will leave those for a future blog/rant.

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