Wednesday, 16 November 2011

MW3 progress update

So I've used up all my dew/doritos double XP time, and I'm at first prestige, lvl 60.  Hope to reach second prestige by this weekend. 

Finally recieved my free copy from XP2011.  Entered my code for the 1-year of premium subscription and magically, the elite website started to work more reliably.  Although some of it is still in german for some odd reason.

Anyways, been playing a lot of Kill Confirm and Domination.  Tried Team defender the other day, DO NOT WANT.. LOL.  Maybe later when I know the maps a bit better.  I used prestige four tokens (three from previous COD games, and 1 from first prestige - guess I never prestiged in W@W)  for two extra custom class slots, and made the ACR and Assassin Perk unlocked all the time now. 

Ground War is still somewhat broken in terms of lag and the long wait times for a lobby to fill up.  Hopefully that will improve when there are less people on.  Full review will hopefully be done soon.. When I find time to play the campaign.

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