Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dark Souls - 10 hours, and lost count of the number of deaths

So 10 hours in, I pretty much own the Undead Burg and Undead Parish areas.  Feeling pretty good, I figure its time to move onto the next area.  As most guides suggest, I head to the darkroot garden area, and right on cue, the game kicks me in the nuts with enemies that I can't beat as easily with my winged spear anymore.  I did however make it to the soul farming area within the garden.  This area is far more efficient than me running through and killing everything in the Undead Burg and Parish to collect souls.  I really lucked out back at the Parish by having the dragon glitch off the map and thus commit suicide, rewarding me with 10k in souls.  Given that I had 6k already banked, it was the perfect time to save up 20k and purchase the seal to open up a door within the darkroot garden.  Within 90 minutes of baiting ghosts and humans, as well as falling off the map several times myself, I went from level 22 to level 32. 

Feeling good about my stats, I proceed revert myself back to human, and make a break for the boss in the area.  I read about summoning an NPC would make the boss fight a lot easier.  So I quickly try to make it to the summon spot, running past the stone giants, and as I summon the NPC in, I get hit from behind by the stone giant, and it casts the binding spell on me, making my character move significantly slower.. and thus vulnerable to the lastest death I experienced.  The game was turned off immediately and I needed to take a deep breathe.... *slight rage moment*.

Now I must go back, and get 5k in souls to buy humanity, so I can try again...

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