Wednesday, 18 September 2013

No More Auction House in D3

Well, this was unexpected.

As they mention in their video, it was a double edge sword.  It definitely was a problem with the game, but it was not the main issue.  With the way itemization is currently and the lack of proper item sinks, the behavior of the players was inevitable.  Sure, the auction house accelerated things, and there really was no real fix for it unless you wipe the slate clean.  

Are they doing too much?  With recent leaks (more about that in another post) about ladders being introduced in the game, is completely removing both the gold and real money auction house the right move?  Could they have just left the gold auction house up?  Trading within a trade chat or forums is ok, if all the people involved actually have any sense of how to do trades.  A lot of players won't know a value of their item, so they'll either price way too high, or not price it at all, and not provide some point at which potential buyers can start making offers.  

So what I plan on doing, along with the group of friends I play with is we are just going to play "group found".  We'll trade within the group, and just play the game.  With a decent group size playing regularly, it should go fairly well.

Re-balancing drop rates

So now that trading is going to be cut down, I hope that the drop rates of items (which are being reworked), and gold balance out so that there's a good balance of each so that players don't have to wait a long time to craft items.  We know item stat ranges will be narrowed significantly, but will crafting roll ranges be smaller as well?  Currently, based on some of the data mined info, it looks like enchanting of items will lower the durability of items, so there will be a limit to how much you would want to re-roll items.  This would be the item sink that is greatly needed in the game.

The decision to close down the auction house is bold, especially with a lot of things being changed in the game would have had the potential to fix the issues with the game enough that the removal of the auction house would not be required, at least the gold auction house.  

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