Wednesday, 18 September 2013

GTA V - 20 hours in

Having a blast in San Andreas, although I was a bit disappointed with the removal of the two cities that was in the original map.  But that is all forgotten now that I am immersed in this world that Rockstar has beautifully created.

The writing, as with any Rockstar release is top notch.  I really like the way they slowly merge the three character's story lines together while still have some separation between them as they have their own unique solo missions, and then come together for the bigger jobs.  The only thing though, is I feel that there aren't enough missions.  Other than the odd side mission that you pick-up in the strangers and freaks categories, I wish we had more of them.  I guess this would be alleviated by the upcoming GTA-Online add-on that is supposed to have more single and multiplayer missions.

Other than that, everything else is almost perfect.  I like the extra little touches they have added to "polish" the game.  Walking up to a mission marker is now a seamless transition to a cut scene and transitioning back is just as smooth.  Switching between the characters is nice and smooth as well so that you are not taken too much out of the game.

Anyways, if you are a gamer of any level, this game is a must buy.  Now I have to go back and try to buy up some properties and some fast cars.

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