Monday, 19 August 2013

The Next Gen of Consoles - Xbox One & PS4 - Thoughts

Which one will I be getting?

the answer is simple; Xbox One.


Xbox live.  I already have an established account, and a regular group of friends to play with on Xbox, so that pretty much settled it.

Which one is better?

I think hardware wise, it is very close.  On paper, the PS4 is better, but since most AAA titles will be available for both consoles, I don't think we'll see much of a difference for a couple years.  But the Xbox Live service itself is what makes up for the differences in hardware power.  Sony has switched to a pay model for their online service, which I was a little surprised.  Now Sony fanboys can't use the price point as their arguement.

Launch Titles

Wiki pages:

As of right now, Xbox does have the better launch exclusives, at least from my point of view.  Microsoft is also going to be announcing another exclusive title this week at gamescom, so that might be another notch on their belt.  With Dead Rising 3 coming exclusive to Xbox One, I can't pass that up.  Its also one of the game franchises which got me into the Xbox 360 a while ago.  The game had its bugs and annoyances, but it was loads of fun, and I expect this new one to be just that.

I also think Forza is going to be a strong title, although I'm still on the fence about racing games in general, a LOT of people I know who never had an xbox are planning on getting one just for forza.  Ryse looks amazing in the videos, but I'm going to wait for reviews on that game to really decide if I want to actually get it or just wait.

Aside from that, Titanfall, although not completely xbox one exclusive, will be coming out in the spring, so that will be a definite buy for me.  So another point for Xbox... see where I'm going with this?

Meanwhile, PS4 only really has Killzone as a big title game in their launch line up.  So until the sequel to the Last of Us comes out, I may not be getting a PS4 for quite a while.  Which is somewhat disappointing since they were so big on the "games" but in my opinion, for the "console" wars, you really need a solid line-up of exclusives to really differentiate yourselves from the others.  The next Metal Gear game is not an exclusive, and Final Fantasy is no longer exclusive as of the previous title, so what's left for Sony?  Forza kills the Gran Turismo series, and I don't see Driveclub beating out Forza.

Sony... step your game up!

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