Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Broken game gets uninstalled

First problem with this game is that it requires a games for windows live login, which at first, does not seem so bad since I already have an Xbox Live account.  But for some odd reason, I had to physically go through the process of signing in via the "create an account" process in order for the service to recognize the account.  I could not just log in with my details, which was very odd, and wasted about 20 minutes of my time to figure out.  I originally kept getting the error message "LIVE could not sign you in because the Windows Live ID you entered does not exist or your password is incorrect", even though I was already logged into the Xbox Live site.  So here's the exact process;  Make sure you are logged out of your live account in your browser, and when prompted to either sign in with existing account (which causes the error) or create a new account, you select create account.  Windows live will direct you to a login screen where you can then use your xbox live account.  Hopefully this is only a one time deal since I never had any other game require windows live account.

Worst Experience Ever!

So with that problem taken care of, I finally get to play the game!  Nope, there's an update to be installed, which is understandable.  So I proceed with the update.  Turns out that the update was for the windows live program and not for the game, so I was not logged in, and therefore not saving progress.  Didn't matter though, since there was something wrong with the controls, so I figured I would need to leave the game and calibrate my controller.  I exit the game, or at least try to?, but the game crashed on exit (attempt to exit).  At first, I thought it was the updater causing the conflict, but it happened again the next time I was done playing.

I exit my control panel, and reload the game, and get back into the opening mission.  I fly along, shoot down a few enemy planes, but the problem I was experiencing before, was still there.  The game would not straighten out the plane, and it would always yaw to the left.  After a couple more waves of enemies, I get frustrated with the controls and I just exit (read: crash) the game and see if there's anything I could do to fix it.

Google'd the problem I was experiencing, and turns out that its a very common issue with the yaw controls.  With no in-game calibration, there really is no fix for the issue, and there is a work-a-round solution is to unbind the yaw buttons off the controller.  Kind of a stupid solution in my opinion.  So after reading that, I proceeded to uninstall the game.

It is kind of sad, because the planes look awesome, and the dog fighting in modern planes is quite a dream come true for anyone that is into military planes.  Hopefully the console version actually works without weird work-a-rounds.

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