Monday, 13 August 2012

MW3 Chaos Mode

This is the new game mode added to MW3 last week, and I have to say, it is a lot of fun!

It only takes a few minutes a game, maybe more if you get really good at the map.  I think Tek and I are breaking into the 7-8 minute mark.

So the game mode is quite simple, either one or two players, try to stay alive as long as possible.  You start with a pistol and tac knife, and various guns & equipment are scattered around the map.  By the time you reach the first gun, the enemies spawn, and they don't stop spawning till you are done.  There is a timer, as well as a "combo" multiplier.  There are a few things that you do to keep the combo multiplier going;

1. Kill an enemy
2. Pick up the dog tag from the dead enemy
3. Pick up a new weapon or equipment
4. Pick up care packages when they drop
5. Flash bang an enemy

As you reach certain multipliers, you get extra perks to help you along the way.  From extreme conditioning, to faster health regeneration, and a few others in between.  You can't pick up enemy guns, you can only pick up guns at the designation spots scattered around the map.  If you lose your multiplier, you lose all your perks and start from zero again.  If time runs out, you can keep the game going by maintaining your multiplier.  Game ends when you eventually die, or can't keep the multiplier going after time has stopped.

Also the game somewhat randomly drops care packages down to help you.  They drop extra last stands, extra time, combo freezes, sentry guns and bonus points/multipliers. 

The difficulty really ramps up when the game starts dropping juggernauts on you, and eventually two or three drop at once.  There were a few times I had 5 or 6 of them on the map at once.  You really have to focus on them the moment they appear, or you will get overwhelmed.  I've tried both running away, and standing there and fighting.  The nice thing is when you kill a juggernaut, they drop a red tag, which gives you added armor.  Armor does not help much when you are deep into the game, but every little bit counts.

So far, the biggest thing with this mode is to know where all the guns are on the map, and make loops around the map so that you are rotating between all the pick ups.  Also, you should make flash bangs one of your stops, as you will need them to take down the juggernauts.

So far, there's only 4 maps available for this mode; Dome, Resistance, Village and Underground.  I hope they add the rest in the next update, its a lot of fun and quite intense.  Check out my youtube channel for more videos, I'll try to get more uploaded as they come.

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