Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dark Souls - First couple hours...

First thing I noticed when I started up the game, the graphics were not as good as Demon's Souls on PS3.  Perhaps its the limitation of the game engine on the Xbox360 platform.  So far, gameplay feels exactly the same.  I've died almost 10 times, and have played through the first section a few times.  Had to abandon my first character because I accidently used humanity away from the bon fire.  I was trying to use it at the first bon fire, but appearantly you have to wait to reach the next one.  Second time, the game didn't save properly before I switched to play another game.  So by the third time, I was able to make it past the Asylum Demon without dying.

I am slightly disapointed with the visuals though, seems like a step back from what I remember.  I'll pop Demon's souls in my PS3 tomorrow to compare.  Also, somewhat disapointed with the digital downloads I got with my collectors edition.  The site is probably bombarded right now, so I am unable to download the content properly.  I was only able to get the map.  I will keep trying later on, hopefully it will work in a day or two.

More on the game as I get further into it.

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