Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta - Initial Impressions

So one of the most popular PC shooters is back, trying to win back those who have migrated over to other series/platforms.  For those who are pondering which platform to buy Battlefield 3 on, my answer would be PC.  Don't have a powerful enough rig to run it?  Build one, Build one NOW. 

This game started on PC, and has been built with the PC in mind.  I've played the beta on PC and on the XBOX360, and the PC experience is way better than on the console.  Graphics are a lot better, and thus makes the overall experience that much better.  Given the slow pace of the game, you have time to admire the eye candy.  The graphics on the XBOX are definitely scaled down... A LOT.  Its probably the same as "Low" settings on the PC or something.  I hope this is only a flaw of the beta, and things will look better in the final release, but if not.. I feel sorry for those who don't play it on PC, they are really missing out.

 The last battlefield game I ever played was battlefield vietnam.  The last PC shooter game I played was Crysis 1, back about 3 years ago.  So there was (and still is) and adjustment period for me to switch back to using the keyboard and mouse.  On the Xbox360, the controller felt more comfortable for me, and I was able to react better while doing some running and gunning.  But that does not really last long.  I will however try to get my logitech G13 gamepad  setup properly to accomidate my transition... *crosses fingers*

Battlefield 3 is much slower paced than what I was used to in the Call of Duty series.  One can't just run around and mow down people without someone picking you off from across the map.  The maps are way too big and open for this style, and the level design will always favour the more strategic method of playing.  Pick a spot, and pick off people.  This game mode available is Rush, I missed out on the Caspian border map which was only available for a day or so.  This game mode really shows how team work can really be unstoppable.  When I party up with Tekedout, I usually run the support class and back him up as he goes and kills everyone.  I end up cleaning things up or kill the odd one he misses.  But being a support class, I can deploy an ammo crate to keep us from running out of bullets, thus we can hold a position for quite a long time. 

The web interface for the beta actually works fairly well and intuitive, the voice and party system works really well.  My only gripes with the beta (which I hope is taken care of by release date) are the matchmaking system, and how I can't squad with people that I've partied up with prior to joining the game.  Also another annoyance right now is the inability to leave a match unless you are alive, and you can't adjust settings or access the menus unless you are alive.

There;'s approximately a week left in the beta, so hopefully I will be fully convinced to buy by then. 

Origin/battlelog name: phoenixrageZERO

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