Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MW3 - last batch of maps

The last maps have been released for MW3.  Gulch, Parish and Boardwalk.

For those who did not subscribe to Elite, then you also get to play on Decommission and Offshore.

Parish, is a really small and tight map.  Very basic, and only handful of small paths that basically cut through a large ring.  There is no elevation change, no second story building or hallway to get a higher vantage point.  It is a fairly hectic map given its size and you can really catch the other team just off their spawn if you time your run through properly.  Its very easy to get over run in a position because of how fast it is to get from one side to another.

Gulch is an interesting map, with some slight elevation changes.  There are lots of bushes and rocks for snipers to hide in or on, and because they are above you as you travel along some of the paths, you really need to know these spots to get in the habit of checking them as you run by. 

Boardwalk is my favorite map of the three new maps.  Its nice mix of short paths with cover on the edges, with an open middle lane where you see a lot of snipers holding because of the clear line of sight down the length of the map.  On domination, I like to hold C & B flags and it can be very easy to get the spawn trap going.

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