Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PS Vita - I'm going to wait a bit...

Its a great peice of technology, at a good price for the hardware.   But as always with gaming devices, its all about the software.  Since I have yet to even touch the Uncharted series games on the PS3, I don't have that much appeal for the Vita game.  I would love to eventually play a new Final Fantasy game on the device, something that would provide 20+ hours of gameplay.  There is Ninja Gaiden Sigma coming out for the Vita a week later which might be interesting since I am a fan of that series.  Or maybe a Dark Souls game would also put me in line for a Vita. 

I am very tempted by the Gamestop offer to trade in 4 games for $100 towards the unit.  I'll definitely be thinking about it over the next little while.  If I do get one, I would only get the Wifi version, 3G is not really worth it right now given the lack of multiplayer games.  I figure battery life is already going to be fairly low on a device of this type given its screen size and power.  But how much more juice would a 3G radio eat up?  It also is harder to justify since there are not that many oppertunities for me to play the game on the go.  I'm either driving, or busy doing something else to be sitting in one spot long enough to enjoy the game.  If I am at home, I have my PC and my consoles... Maybe if I do end up travelling more then it would be easier to justify.

Also, when will Sony give up on their proprietary memory? 

List of Vita games and their release dates:

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